– SHOUTOUT – “Japan Reviewer”

I don’t usually review blogs because I feel it’s not right for me to judge other reviewers and what they review, but I feel that this one deserves more attention because she likes what she does.

The Website/Blogger is Japan Reviewer AKA Sandra Banks (Or Sandra Scholes based on the Blogger Profile). Not only does she write reviews, but she also writes short stories under her pen name AJ Damian. The bulk of her website is Anime and Manga Review where she does Blog Reviews of Yuri, Yaoi, and Shonen-ai as well as related media from the like of Korea and China. She also reviews Western Books and Novels ranging from Homosexual Stories to Fantasy to Science Fiction. While Male On Male stories isn’t my cup of tea, Sandra gives a detailed synopsis and opinions of the story in question while not spoiling the entire story.

Hailing from the UK, Sandra Banks reviews are good. Check her out and see what she has to say.


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